An ABC Rhyme and Picture Book


HERBS An ABC Rhyme and Picture Book was first conceptualized as a way for me to teach my son about herbs.  I had so much fun painting and writing that I decided to compile it as a book with the hope that other parents will begin the conversation about herbs (and their wonderous uses) with their kids.  It is also an ideal book for beginners.


HERBS An ABC Rhyme and Picture Book uses short rhymes to convey singular facts about herbs from Aloe to Zea mays.  It is meant as an introduction, a book that children of all ages will enjoy. 

Tamara Gondre Lawrence, ND

Tamara's  first book, HERBS An ABC Rhyme and Picture Book, is well on the way to becoming a children's herbal classic.  Prior to becoming a mom, Tamara received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. She is licensed with the State of Washington and her modalitites include Western botanical medicine, classical homeopathy, therapeutic nutrition, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy.  She specializes in family health, preventative care and education; as well as the emotional, social and spiritual aspects of healing. 


Tamara is crazy about her family and friends, laughter, long walks, humming, dancing, cooking, baking, antiquing, birds chirping in the early morning, public television, and classic mystery novels.  She lives in Brooklyn with her husband Scott and their  son Malachi.

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